Rentals are a great way to save money for your big day or big event. We can provide fresh flowers for you or you can just simply rent the vases from us and decorate how you'd like. We do however require that all items be delivered and returned by us rather than the client because of special care needed for the rental. We will always update this page with new products in the future, so keep checking it out!

Below each picture you will see the cost for renting and provided options for decorating. We can always customize the items any way you'd like, certain restrictions may apply and pricing will vary.

Rental Set up and Delivery Fee's-

Mileage Charge - $1.50 a mile. Charged twice, drop off and pick up.

Set up / Pick up fee is already figured into costs below.

Clear Cylinder Vases- 20" Tall x 4" Opening

( Minimum order of 6 unless other items rented )

Vase Rental- $9.95 each.  Broken / Damaged Cost- $21.95

With Dendrobium Orchid only ( Shown on left ) - $21.95 Each. With Babies breath and orchid ( Shown on left ) $27.95 each (Candle must be used, this will hold down the orchid in place from coming out of the top.) Floating Candle Cost- $3.95 Each or can be provided by customer.

With Calla Lily Only ( Shown on Right ) - $21.95 Each. With Calla Lily and Bear Grass ( Shown on Right )- $24.95 Each. (Rocks must be used in bottom of vase to anchor submerged calla lily in place.) this is $3.95 additional. Floating Candle is optional. Floating Candle Cost- $3.95 Each



Clear Cylinder Vases- 16" tall x 4" Opening ( Minimum order of 6 unless other products are ordered )

Vase only rental- $7.95

Broken / Damaged Cost- $18.95

With four fresh hydrangea in your color and curly willow filled in vase- $34.95 each

With three fresh calla lilies, two hydrangea, curly willow and hanging amaranthus- $41.95 each

6" Bubble Bowl6" Bubble Bowl Rental Cost vase only- $3.99 With hydrangea, amaranthus and lily grass in bowl- $10.95 each

6" Bubble Bowl ( Minimum order of 6 unless other products are rented )
Rental Cost vase only- $2.95- Broken / Damaged Cost- $4.95
With hydrangea and lily grass in bowl- $12.95 each


Vintage Bottles + Wood Pieces

Minimum Order of 10 unless other products are ordered.

Rental -$1.95 small. , $2.95 medium, $3.95 large. each Bottle ( Broken / Damaged Cost $5.95, $6.95, $7.95 each )

Rental- $1.95 Small Wood Stump 4.5" Diameter ( Broken / Damaged Cost $4.95 each )

Rental- $3.95 Medium Wood Stump 6.5" Diameter ( Broken / Damaged Cost $8.95 each )

Ask us about getting flowers filled in your vintage set!