Our Story:

Fountain designs was founded by Cody Fountain in November 2010.

The business is family owned and operated by Cody and his mother Irma.
Cody and Irma work as a team to provide fine quality floral and photography services for a multitude of events.

Owners, Cody Fountain ( Left ) and Irma Fountain ( Right ).



- Owner - Designer and Photographer- Cody Fountain -

Cody's parents are his inspiration for founding Fountain Designs. When Cody was a little boy, his father owned a print shop- which was Cody's inspiration to open his own business. Cody's father placed emphasis on one-to-one customer care, and taught him the importance of establishing a lasting friendship with clients. Cody's mother has worked with flowers since he can remember, so he was also influenced by her profession. He grew up learning the names of flowers and specifics about their care. Cody has worked in a few different floral venues, ranging from a funeral home floral shop to running a floral production team for a large-chain grocery store. It didn't take him long to realize his dreams and inspirations, and create the floral aspect of Fountain Designs.

A few years later, Cody decided to channel his creativity in a different way. He wanted to help people capture their special moments; so he added photography services to Fountain Designs.

- Owner- Floral Designer- Irma Fountain-

Irma has worked with flowers for over 20 years, and has extensive  knowledge of her trade. She is known to work (and re-work) arrangements and bouquets until they are absolutely perfect. She is not satisfied until she feels that she has accurately captured the clients wishes in the finished product. She's passionate about Fountain Designs because she is very proud of her son for establishing his own, successful business.
"Watching Cody grow and establish a successful business from the ground up has been the best feeling in the world!"
-Irma Fountain