Our Story:

Fountain designs was founded by Cody Fountain in November 2010.

The business is family owned and operated by Cody and his mother Irma.
Cody and Irma work as a team to provide fine quality floral and photography services for a multitude of events.

Owners, Cody Fountain ( Left ) and Irma Fountain ( Right ).


- Owner - Cody Fountain -

Meet Cody, the lively mastermind behind Fountain Designs! Drawing inspiration from his awesome parents, Cody's journey kicked off in his dad's print shop, sparking the idea to start his own venture. His dad's focus on personalized customer care and building lasting friendships with clients shaped Cody's business philosophy.

Immersed in the floral world from a young age, courtesy of his flower-loving mother, Cody absorbed the artistry of flowers and their meticulous care. From funeral home floral shops to leading a large floral production team for big grocery chains, Cody's experiences were as diverse as his floral creations.

Realizing his dreams, Cody seamlessly integrated the floral facet into Fountain Designs. Fast forward a bit, and Cody decided to add another layer to his creative palette. With a background enriched by special classes in editing, Cody brought photography services into the mix. Now, he's not just capturing moments but turning them into works of art.

- Owner- Floral Designer- Irma Fountain-

Meet Irma, the floral virtuoso with over two decades of expertise in her craft. With an extensive knowledge of flowers, she's the maestro behind the enchanting arrangements at Fountain Designs. Irma is renowned for her dedication, often working and reworking bouquets until they reach perfection. Her commitment goes beyond aesthetics – she ensures each creation precisely mirrors the client's wishes.

Irma's passion for Fountain Designs goes beyond her floral mastery; it's a proud connection to her son Cody's success. As she puts it, "Watching Cody grow and establish a successful business from the ground up has been the best feeling in the world!" 🌺

- Photographer- Risa-

📸 Hey there! I'm Risa, Your go-to photographer for capturing the real, the raw, and the ridiculously awesome. 🌟 Exploring the world one snapshot at a time. 🌈 Let's create some visual magic together! ✨

Reach out to me to schedule your session!

Email- [email protected]

- Photographer- Alisha-

As a passionate teacher with a love for photography, I capture cherished moments in family, children, and couples' lives, creating timeless memories through my lens.

Reach out to me to schedule your session!

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